About Aaron

Aaron Whitten

I am 49 years after years of age, single and living in Arizona. I am degreed from ASU and currently completing a doctorate in naturopathic medicine. My career goal is integrate nutrition, fitness and medicine to foster ultimate health. I have dedicated my life to competitive bodybuilding and power lifting. I began competing over twenty years ago and have done over sixty contests and three dozen power meets.

I have also done amateur strongman and odd lift meets. I have an incredible passion for the strength sports – it is not a hobby but a way of life. I am never satisfied and always seeking the latest knowledge. The only thing that brings me as much pleasure as making positive changes in my body is helping others to do the same. I truly love helping others to become their absolute best. I never claim to know everything but I do insist that I will always give 100% to my clients. If they are similarly motivated there is nothing we cannot achieve!

Early on I learned the truth of the statement, “You are what you eat.” Nutrition has become my greatest interest as it relates to every goal. I believe that no one would put inferior fuel into a Lamborghini and since your body is worth far more than any car, it should receive the absolute best treatment as well. I love the power of nutrition – no other element can make the dramatic changes in an individual like food. No matter your goal, optimizing your diet will bring you success faster than anything else. Proper diet can make you leaner, stronger, faster and even live longer. Let me prove it to you!


All titles listed below are confirmed lifetime drug free.
  • Mr. Missouri, Arizona, California and Florida.
  • Winner of national titles including Mr. USA.
  • Winner of International Grand Prix and Mr. International.
  • Runner up in Mr. Universe.
  • World record holder in unequipped power lifting.
  • Lifter of the Year, 2009. (Natural Athlete’s Strength Association)
  • ACSM, NASM, ACE certified